Don't let your memories fade

Save them online, forever.

Preserve your Memories

Your loved one lived a remarkable life. A life full of stories worth telling and pictures worth sharing. The easiest way to keep telling and sharing is with a custom memorial website. Send me your stories and photos, and I’ll create a memorial website that you and your family can visit any time you want.

My Grandfather Les Anderson in the Air Force

Personal Timeline of Life

A custom designed tribute to a life well lived. We’ll start at the beginning and hit all the highlights so everyone can see and reminisce as often as you’d like, forever.


Visual Stories

Remember the time he....? Or the time she…? We all have memories we want to hold onto and share with others. Custom story pages share your unique voice and stories with everyone in a simple way.

The family making funny faces

How it Started

I built the first memorial website for my grandfather, Les Anderson. His adventurous spirit, his worldly travels, and his love of life are all reflected on that site, and the reaction from family and friends was amazing. Everyone loved the site and wanted one of their own!

My Grandfather Les Anderson Germany

Full Photo Restoration

That box of photos in your basement will yellow and fade with time, but my high-quality scanners can preserve them in their full glory. I’ll transform old photographs into high-resolution digital copies, and I’ll load them onto your site so your family and friends can see and download them whenever they want. They’ll be easily accessible for memorials, reunions, scrapbooks, and anything else you can think of.

Who Builds These

I’ve been creating things for a long time and this is one of my most exciting projects to date. Building memorial sites started out as a way to pay tribute to my grandfather, and has evolved into a way for you to pay tribute to your loved ones. Collecting all your photos and memories online is the best way I can think of to preserve the stories of our lives. But it’s not just me..

I’ve even brought a professional writer onboard who can help you tell those stories in a way that will honor your loved one and make you proud. If you’re comfortable writing your memories down, great. She’ll stay in the background and make sure the final site is free of typos. If you’re not, even greater: she’ll work closely with you to help you share your memories bravely and beautifully. You can check out her credentials on her website.

Perfect Examples

Check out an example of not only two types of websites but also the distinct style difference between the sites.

Les Anderson

View Site
Example of Sites: Les

Jo & Bob

View Site
Example of Sites: Jo & Bob


Individual Site

  • 1 Timeline of life
  • 2-3 Custom Stories
  • 50 Free Photo Scans
  • Online photo collection
  • Site stays online forever

Couple's Site

  • Dual Timeline for both lives
  • 5-4 Custom Stories
  • 100 Free Photo Scans
  • Online photo collection
  • Site stays online forever

Pricing FAQs

Figured you might have some questions

What about all the ongoing costs?

Every website has ongoing monthly fees, but I won’t be passing any of those on to you. One-time pricing gets your memorial website up and running, and after that, you don’t need to worry about ongoing hosting and maintenance fees. I’ll take care of those. Your investment is finite, but your memories will be preserved online forever.

How will you store my photos online?

All photos will be stored using DropBox, which lets anyone in your circle of family and friends to see them and use them for scrapbooks, memorials, reunions, etc. DropBox is a trusted file sharing service. With them we have the option to password protect the photos if you prefer them to only be accessible to family members.

I have more than 100 photos. Can you restore those, too?

Of course! My high-quality scanners can preserve as many photos as you have. Extra scans are $50 per set of 100. If you have other quantities, just ask. We’ll figure something out together.

How long will it take to build the site?

You can expect your site to be completed in 2-3 weeks. If you have more photos or stories, that will increase the timeframe.

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